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Digital ceramic print on glass, i.e. the most durable and fastest printing on glass, remains our speciality – Sell-Glass is one of very few companies in Poland that offer this avant-garde method which gives practically unlimited potential in contemporary architecture. The hitherto applied solutions, such as lamination of windowpanes with a film with printed graphics on it, are gradually  becoming the thing of the past .

Owing to modern ceramic paints, the graphics performed with this method is included into the structure of a windowpane. It is resistant to many detrimental factors like unfavourable weather conditions, abrasion, vandalism. Application of six base colours guarantees that impressive coloured prints will be achieved, marked with high quality,  relatively short lead time and cost-effectiveness.

Since the very beginning Sell-Glass has been using the solutions developed by a pioneer in ceramic printing, an Israeli company Dip-Tech. Digital ceramic inks supplied by Dip-Tech, developed by chemistry experts, make a durable bond with glass during tempering or firing. With this method, we are able to provide our clients with the glass which can be laminated, bent and double-glazed without being worried about  detrimental impact on the graphics structure.

Ceramic printing remains an excellent solution for mass production and for single prints . The easiness of design preparation gives unlimited opportunities to create and modify the patterns, depending on the Clients’ needs. This is an extremely interesting alternative to traditional screen-printing, which is characterised by high costs  of preparation and exploitation with regards to small-scale orders.


Printing possibilities: 1580 x 2200 mm
Glass thickness: 3-30 mm
Graphic files served: JPG, BMP, TIFF, EPS, PS, PDF
Colour space model:  RGB (preferable), CMYK (accepted)
Resolution: until  900 dpi
Used colours: BGWORK (blue, green, white, orange, red, black)
Design preparation:  Real dimensions +2%  of surplus at each side


As the technology of digital ceramic printing uses other colours than popular digital printers, the graphics and image must be selected with great care. Generally speaking, pastels are reproduced in the best manner , however  intensive, bright and rich colours (pink, violet, magenta) are difficult to achieve  de to the lack of magenta colour. This means that the inks used do not contain heavy metals, especially cadmium, which makes the solution more environment-friendly and better to our health.

It must be remembered that we deal here with a totally different technology compared to the prints on films or paper. The medium, i.e. glass, gives an opportunity to make the design credible in real light, we may manipulate the transparency, create 3D effects or the prints that change depending on the part of day and intensity of lighting.

In order to make sure that selected design or graphics is what we intend to achieve , it is better to order a trial printout  having consulted previously one of our graphic designers. We must not forget   that a picture is worth a thousand words so attention to slightest details during the design preparation may bring priceless outcomes  afterwards.

Digital ceramic print

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